Applications in Tool Manufacturing

The Selectron process is mainly applied in the following fields :

Repairs of:
- worn ejector borings
- mould parting lines
- worn profiled inserts
- mould inserts with seamless coatings

Thus the normal procedure to use the parts so long until a replacement or a costly repair was necessary had been changed. If the moulds are repaired in time with the Selectron process they have an essentially extended service life, thus costs are considerably reduced and deadlines can be better kept.


A plastic mould, material GGG 60 was studded with pores and shrinkings at its right and left notching areas. After the parts had been manufactured, they were spray-coated additionally, so that the pores and shrinkings were covered.

Due to a change in construction the parts should no longer be spray-coated, but manufactured otherwise. This would have meant a new production and assembly of 3 moulds - costs approx. 350.000,00 EUR per mould -- in the upper and lower part of the machine.

As the Selectron process had proved to be well applicable in these fields it was chosen to carry out this repair.

The repair resulted in excellent quality and was carried out as follows :
The big pores and shrinkings were filled tightly via tig-welding and finished by hand.
Therefore there was a wavy material skiving along the whole notching area. These waves levelled with copper and finished by hand.
At last it was coated with a cobalt wearing protection layer that matched the form.

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