Applications in the Printing Industries

Cylinders in paper mills and printing factories are worn when other material than paper passes the infeed unit. These defects can be repaired without delay and cost effective via Selectron process.
As the repairs are carried out at site and disassembly is not requisite, downtime and extension works are saved.

It is also possible to repair built-in plate cylinders and blanket cylinders that are corroded aside.
For printing machine producers such as MAN Roland, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen or König & Bauer it has become the normal thing to repair their cylinders.

At this example a tool went through the printing maschine and has damaged deveral cylinders.

This picture shows a repair at a cylinder. The defect was filled with copper. The whole surface is covered and then abraded.

Later a cobalt was coated directly onto the copper layer. Precision is controlled by a 1/100 dial gauge.

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